Customer Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is solely based on deep-rooted securities in order to keep your product(s) running in a smooth door-to-door consignment method, and maintaining cordial relationships with our customers. Nonetheless, there is a regular flow of queries being asked from our customers now and then about how their specific article(s) are regulated from our ends. Absolutely understandable from a buyers perspective, wanting to know how we keep progress of their packages in the production-to-shipment process.

Here’s a list of day-to-day FAQs asked from our valued customers residing worldwide. We hope these questions will guide you through our companies’ sound rules and regulations conducts.

  • What data do we collect from you?

We only tend to collect your first-hand information required for you to make purchases at our online platform. Each and every bio-data info of yours is applicable to the online buying ventures you go through on globally. Keeping this in mind, we collect your crude personal information like your name, email address, postal address and contact number mandatory for you to place an order or sign up at our clothing merch website.

In addition, you can also visit our website without the need of ordering something or logging in confidentially and check out our miscellaneous policies related to buying methods, shipment methods, return and exchange, and so on.

  • Why we want your general info?

We earnestly collect your basic data so that we could keep our website up to date with the best of user-friendly features. Easy-to-steer cataloging, labeling, neat content placements and an upgraded UI intended to run a smoothly running clothing merchandise website like this one. Moreover, your worthy testimonials, emails and innovatory ideas keep us moving on with high spirits to create suit on leather-to-fabric manifests.

Furthermore, your valuable suggestions guides us to create a pleasant website shopping experience. Also, the information provided by our customers let our team members acquaint with user-buying habits, keeping familiarized with the website’s user-interface. Therefore, giving you the best shopping experience from our ends to easygoing cart-in article(s) acquiring conclusions. With keeping up with your information and propositions, we’re able to tackle any kind of hindrance that you might be facing now and then.

Keep in mind, we never misuse/exchange/sell/transfer your basic info with any other third party and even our loyal partnership collaborators. We always keep you bio-data confidential via high-security servers and 24/7 checkup so as to avoid any misapplications, theft and violations at all resorts. Though, your information is only send with strict upkeep regulations to our courier departments for your product(s) shipment processes.

  • How do we protect your information?

We have a separate team that is created for the sole purpose of keeping clients data well interlocked secured and controllable with means of security measures applied via state-of-the-art DBSS (Database Securing Servers). Each time you login to our webpage and cart your orders through the payment process, your every slightest of information in the mean process is well-protected from any kinds of encounters of online data thefts. Our company ensures back-to-back security measures to keep customers information bank-vault sheltered.

In order to make your transactions’ smoothly running in course, we apply well-secured server processing. All of your gathered information and other sensitive data like your credit card number, contact number and PayPal accounts is controlled via the SSL (Secure Server Layer). In the mean process, encoded to our payment gateway dealer’s databank. The workforce behind all these digitalized procedures is always active to step-up with their expertise and ensure that your information is well-handled without any hassles. Our customers’ safety in any way is just like our household family. Taking tight security measures to protect from all means at all costs.

We never keep your personal information (credit card pin number, PayPal accounts number, social-security number, etc) once you’ve purchased your required item(s). However, we keep your first-hand details’ such as your name, email address, contact number, local address as well as regular search history of our website. All for the sole purpose to deliver you the best shopping experience i.e. keeping up with your favorites and estimative shopping predictions.

  • Do we use cookies?

Of course, we use cookies for letting you have the best shopping experience at your very finger tips. Well, if you don’t know what exactly cookies are, do not panic please. Cookies are those specific miniscule files that get saved in your computer’s hard drive. These little files are necessary for keeping up with your habitual online regularities of our customers. In short, these digital diaries act like ROM (Read Only Memory) to let us promptly deliver to all your ideal pages, products, and other real deal demands you’re looking online.

  • Do we make third party deals with your information?

A big No is the reply to this query. We never use your information to play deals with companies or parties, exchange user-information, or even your basic details to another brand without taking your consent consolations. Nevertheless, the non-evident personal familiar info might be traded keeping strict scrutiny measures of it. Such type of information is required for secured commercials and other promotions.

  • Do we use Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act?

Definitely without any delays! The COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) is earnestly applied due to an upsurge of complaints by customers including parents, guardians and other caring relatives. Our server never collects information sent by kids 12 years or below. Our website products are never directed towards those who’re less than 13 years.

  • Where does this policy apply?

The above mentioned policies are applied within our online servers and website conducts made by our sellers and buyers. NOTE: These policies are not applied to any information you’re sending or receiving while being offline via any methods.

  • How do you agree with our policy?

By engaging on our website (purchasing, signing up and logging in), you (of your own consensus) have agreed with our privacy policies.

  • How can you contact us for more information?

If you have queries concerning our privacy policy or any other stated rules and regulation on our website. You can contact us via email and even submit any of your concerned enquiries at our official Facebook page.

  • Who are we?

We’re a clothing merch company, job slotting in Marvel diehard crew members trying their best to offer you with the best of the best Tom Hardy Venom merch experience alongside other famous onscreen outfits. We create articles using the finest materials meant to deliver the supreme suit experience for you guys.

  • What else do you need to know?

Above and beyond reading our privacy policy, don’t forget to check out our About Us, Return and Exchange Policy, and Terms and Conditions webpage. You’ll understand in a more clear way how the whole process works when buying from us. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.